Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Congrats Ali and Roberto!

I am a hopeless, hopeless romantic. Oh yes, tis' true. I followed ABC's Bachelorette from the beginning, and last night Roberto proposed to Ali. The stuff fairy tales are made of.

But, from what I could see, this couple may really be in love. They just might make it, bless their sweet hearts. Certainly, farther than some of the others.

I'm not a fan of reality TV. I prefer fiction, of course. But the reason I stayed glued to Monday nights the past couple of months was because they chose a classy young lady for this season. Ali was truly, one of nicest and d0wn-to-earth girls I've seen on this show. Some of the sleeze the producers put on this show, Lordy, I realize it's for ratings. To draw folks in. In fact, I think their next show, Bachelor Pad, is all about sleeze. I won't be watching. I'm drawn to honest and wholesome. And that's what this year's Bachelorette seemed to be.

I hope I'm right. She was a sweetie, and although I rooted for the underdog, Chris, I changed my mind last night. There was no question once the show drew to a close, Ali was in love with Roberto, and he was just as in love with her. Sigh.

I know, I'm a hopeless, hopeless romantic. And shall forever be.

Blessings to you and yours.

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