Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Family Member

Lauren Christine ... doesn't the name ring of all things pink and princessey? Our new baby girl, our new granddaughter was born on the 18th of March. Both mama and baby are doing well and little brother (or should I say big brother) is taking it all in stride. I don't think he's aware of the significance of his new little sister yet, as he's still just a baby himself. But Drew (who is almost 2) had a whole bunch of fun running the hospital's hallways during visits. As soon as I can, I'll post some pictures. They are two beautiful children, I really must say.

Thing is ... Chris, Nicole, Drew and now Lauren, reside in Arizona. Michael has not had the grandfatherly pleasure of holding his granddaughter yet. And God only knows when that will be. We're not able to make it down there, with working and so many things going on here. It's not easy living so far away from your kids. Everyone in this family has felt so torn at one time or another. Life takes its toll on your mental and physical health when family members are spread apart.

Once upon a time, whole families lived in one big house. Privacy was at a minimum, but it was a financial necessity. I think we're returning to that time. Raising a family is not easy. But it's much easier when grandparents live nearby. Nicole and Chris are blessed with her parents to help them at this time. I know other families who depend on grandma and grandpa for support in one way or another.

It seems the more technology we amass in this country, nothing really changes much. We're all still people, with the same wants, needs, wishes, and hopes for the future that our ancestors possessed. We still fight wars, struggle for the American Dream, get sick, give birth, raise children, die. Sure, there are more channels on our TV, our kids face different distractions, but when you boil it all down ... just how different are we from those who pioneered this country?

I'm not talking about how much easier it is now than then. Sure, we have household appliances these days and aren't forced to wash our clothes in the river. I'm talking about in general. We're still people. We've not evolved into a human much different than our great great grandparents.

My point is, we hurt the same, cry the same, and want the same dreams to come true that they did.

We've yet to find a miracle drug for yearning, longing, excessive hoping. We're all going to go the same way we came in ... with family around us.

Family ... the word is trite and overused. But oh, how precious the meaning. We're blessed to have a new little girl who just recently came into our family. Welcome.

Things to think about this morning.

Blessings to you and yours.

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