Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Sensible Valentines Day

My husband and I agreed to save the ten bucks and not get each other Valentines Day cards this year. Or candy. Lord knows, neither of us need it. Or any trivial gift that will end up in a drawer somewhere until our next garage sale.

Although Valentines Day may keep the economy running, it bites into many budgets. Especially since it falls not even two months after Christmas. Romance, love, and all the mushy things Valentines Day stands for should be incorporated into couples lives all year round. So no, I don't feel guilty about not getting my sweetheart a memento of my affection.

Michael is my Valentine every day of the year. Believe me, he knows it. I don't need Hallmark or American Greetings to help me tell him that, either.

If we have anything to celebrate this Valentines day, it's the pieces of life we are most thankful for. Not the material, but the sensible. Like the fact that I'm ever closer to seeing my manuscript in print! Yes! It's true ... my life is "falling into place." (Thanks for that line, Jackie.)
And we celebrate Michael's new job today, and that our cars are now working, and our children have productive lives, and I've been asked to be keynote speaker for the Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia Romance Writers Conference in April!

Whew. Sounds like I'm combining Thanksgiving with Cupid. But maybe more of us should. And then again ... next year on Valentines Day ... I just might ask for that diamond necklace I've been wanting forever.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Dena said...

That's right... come to the dark side. Blair and I not only don't exchange Valentine's Day cards and gifts, we bypass birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas too. It is the BEST! Ultimate Freedom! I despise buying gifts and being bought gifts because someone "has to." Blair surprises me with small gifts on unexpected days and it's so much more fun. My family thinks I'm twisted for not exchanging X-mas presents, but we love it!