Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Shot In The Arm

Please forgive me for the gaps in days between blog posts. You always take a chance in losing your readers when you do that. But, hopefully, you'll stick with me ... realizing this is crunch time for me. I'm nearing the end of a very long project, as you know if you've been following along for any length of time.

The work is tedious. Probably because, once again, I'm anal to a fault. There are reasons for that, I suppose. Second guessing yourself, over-analyzing, a confidence factor plays into a very big part of my work. Although I've received many wonderful reviews for previous work ... there's still that small voice that nags at the back of my writer's mind ... "Yeah, yeah ... you're just small potatoes. You'll be damn lucky to get an agent. Why are doing this to yourself? Are you nuts????"

The dreadful I'm not good enough monster lurks behind the door to my future. I'm not sure it'll ever go away. Where do we draw the line between just being humble and waa-waa, cry me a river, I'm just a putz that wants to write.

Oh God ... help me, please. So this morning Michael began to read to me a few blurbs, from professionals in the business, and from friends (who are also professionals in the business.) Blurbs I've not taken the time to read in a long, long time. It's always good to give yourself a shot in the arm once in a while. Take a look:

“Pamela King Cable speaks from the soul of a woman who has endured. Emotionally and spiritually bludgeoned by circumstances that promised so much but delivered so little. With unbelievable strength, she picked herself up, packed up her children, her dignity and with her unswerving faith—she made a life for herself. What a survivor! She doesn’t glory in her achievements, nor does she ask for pity. I’m amazed at her natural ability to deliver and share her story and speak from her heart with humor and passion. Hearing Pam speak is an opportunity of a lifetime. There’s none like her.”
Martin Rader
Synergy Executive EnhancementProfessor of Fine Arts - North Carolina School of the Arts, Penn State University, Antioch College, and Harvard University. Former students have successful careers in theatre, film and television. Three have won the prestigious Tony Award and one was recently nominated for an Oscar.

“In a market where speakers deliver mirthless monologues or bend over backwards to impress an audience, Pamela King Cable is a refreshing change of pace. Cable is an authentic speaker who feels her words. Her talks are just that—talks. She creates a world for her audience and ushers them into it—a Southern world of poverty, hardships, lies, love, courage, and the strength of Southern Women everywhere. Cable speaks about what she knows and truth rings in her every word. Listening to Pam speak is like sitting on the front porch stoop, sipping lemonade, and swapping stores with a good friend. I strongly recommend taking advantage of every opportunity to hear her speak.”
Dena Harris
Author - Lessons In Stalking...Adjusting to Life With Cats
Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul
Freelance Magazine Writer

“Pamela King Cable invites her listeners and readers to consider the incredible faith potential that awaits us outside our comfort zones. Pamela is a wonderful storyteller, and yet much more. In a “Southern Fried” woman’s style, she weaves a spiritual cloth that provides us an avenue for growth. After hearing her speak I realized this woman has the power to mend our spirits, strengthen our weaknesses, and restore our hope. Pamela has a special gift to place us in time machine and transport us back to our past so that we may discover our future. It is my delight and pleasure to recommend to everyone the remarkable talent of this fine speaker and storyteller, Pamela King Cable.”
The Reverend Frank D. Stewart
Pastor of Bethany Presbyterian ChurchStatesville, NC


USABOOKNEWS.COM – announces Pamela King Cable, an Award-Winning Finalist in the Best Books 2006 Book Awards –
“A rich collection of stories that explores humanity! Well-written and inspiring!”

“… Pamela King Cable is one of those infrequent writers who can bring reality to fictional characters so strong that you’d swear you had encountered them in your own life’s history. SOUTHERN FRIED WOMEN will leave the reader looking forward to more from this accomplished, imaginative, skilled, and entertaining author!”

“Southern Fried Women features a selection of short stories with an extremely strong Southern voice. Author, Pamela King Cable, has a definitive style that is both appealing and a pleasure to read. She created characters that are compelling and skillfully drawn, making the reader want to learn more about them. Cable's voice rings through, without being intrusive or overwhelming. Her characters speak naturally and seem true to their age, setting, time period and personality. The physical volume is very attractively packaged. The front cover photograph is very fun and certain to lure readers into picking up the book. The interior photographs were a lovely added touch as were the short story titles. That said Cable's Southern voice and appealing writing style is sure to appeal to readers. ”

“Cable does a good job of portraying Southern women as strong, determined, and family oriented. Whether a Beach Baby or a Mobile Home Queen, the Southern woman is a survivor.”

“ … this particular book is too good to overlook! The stories are easy to read--compulsively readable, in fact--and they're set in the South, often in North Carolina. And, although the characters in this book face challenges, most of the stories have happy endings, leaving you with a good feeling. Enjoy this collection--and watch for more books by a new author on the Southern literary scene!”

I got to remember all this when I'm ready to throw my computer in the dumpster.

'Nuff said.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness golly! I am so impressed. It is incredible to have so many positive comments about your work, but having read your work, I know they are understatements of your true talent. Some writers have something of significance to say to the world; other writers have a way with words. You my dear, have both. Kudoos to you, Kudzu Gal! CK