Friday, September 07, 2012

What Makes A Writer Wipe Tears From The Keyboard?


There is great personal sacrifice in writing.
A few years ago I knew someone who said, "... she's wasting her time. Why doesn't she just get off her fat ass and go get a job?"
The man had no clue. He still has no clue. He has no idea the sacrifice that Michael and I have willingly gone through for me to stay home and write. Nor does he care. He's a twit, anyway.
For many of us, writing involves years of going without. Buying only what we need, wearing out cars, clothes, shoes, and eating lots of PB&J. I'm fortunate to have my husband's income. But there's no doubt our lives could've been much better financially had I kept my j-o-b way back when.
Writers like me don't get published because our face shows up on the cover of Time or People magazine. We get published by the sweat of our brow, suffering through the process, and wiping many tears off our keyboard. A real writer writes because if they didn't they'd shrivel up and die.
What makes a writer wipe tears from the keyboard? Snide remarks like the one above from someone who was supposed to be my friend. Strange enough, after the tears are wiped away, the words hang around. They churn and drill holes in my heart and wa-la! a character is born! That cruel man will someday show up in one of my stories, along with his unkind words and who knows what fate will await him? A gift bestowed upon every writer is the ability to wipe tears away and save them for later. I think one of the worst things you can do is piss off a writer. (wink)
I've traveled across the country. Given hundreds of speeches, presentations, and talked to a lot of different people. I'm about to do it again with the release of Televenge in October. I work seven days a week, most of the time. We've studied the industry for years. Jumped into the deep end of social media. And I have loved every minute of it. I wouldn't change a thing. I don't need to explain why I do what I do, especially to twits like the one above. In fact, sometimes I think comments like that are a good thing. It just makes you that much more determined.
You see, it's not about fame, fortune, or greed. It's about great personal sacrifice, and the satisfaction is brings in the end. Some will understand, others most definitely will not. But you never stop. No matter what. For me, there was no other way. There never was.
So wipe the tears off your keyboard, baby. And keep going.

Blessings to you and yours.


Robin Kalinich said...

Thank you for sharing your story and congrats on your success!!! You earned it the hard way, so enjoy it! Down with twits.

Sharon House said...

Your story is encouraging. I worked for 25 years, retired and also wrote during that time. Now am published with 2 novels released. Many don't understand what makes a person write or where the story comes from. It's just there.

Pamela King Cable said...

Thanks, Robin and Sharon! I so appreciate your kind words and support!