Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Get Your Panties In a Wad!

It was my first real writing award. 2003 at the Burlington Writer Awards in North Carolina. No Time For Laura, a short story that was eventually published in Southern Fried Women.  A baby step. A little taste of success that kept me hungry for more.

Some of us shoot ourselves in the foot before we take one step toward success. It could be the environment we were raised in, or lack of self-esteem, but the negativity has to stop at some point if you want to see a return on the thousands of hours you put into your writing.

I listened to a webinar last evening. Now, I'm not a fan of veg-o-matic salespeople pushing their get-rich-quick ideas on the Internet. I've listened to a few of them and they're a real turn off. The seller gets rich while the buyer gets confused and gives up. But Kristen White, a personal media expert, sparked my interest. I saw her at the BookExpo in New York City this past June, and decided to listen to five or ten minutes of her webinar. I ended up listening to the whole thing. Google her and sign up to listen to her next webinar. She's got some fantastic marketing ideas. Not sure I'm going to buy the program, but her step-by-step coaching system to put your product, book or brand in the spotlight and build a solid platform is intriguing.

However, some of the things she said got me to thinking. One something in particular, and that is I have to stop any negativity wanting to creep into my mind on a daily basis. I have to quit focusing on those who don't like me or my views or ideas and concentrate, instead, on those who do. Or will.

Lately, I've read a few Facebook posts by people who get all riled up because somebody doesn't agree with their views on one thing or another. Mostly politics and religion. The usual. But everyone has an opinion and the right to voice it. We don't have the right to sling mud in the process. Who cares, really, if someone doesn't agree with you? Our differences are what makes the world go around. It makes life interesting. As long as no one gets hurt, a little friendly banter is good.

Love your neighbor, and don't get all shook up if your neighbor doesn't share your views. There is something to love in everybody. Find it. Concentrate on that instead of the negative. And don't get your panties in a wad over things we can nothing about. Life is too damn short.

Give it a rest. Take a step back, and let go of the stress.


And just don't count your blessings. Share them.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Kate Papas said...

I thought negativity was a -so to speak- "privilege" of Greek women, okay,women from other countries too. But for Americans? They seem so liberated, after all.
This enligthening article made me meditate and decide, for once more in my life, that if I want to meet with some success, I have to keep on struggling... Simply because I'm a woman!