Monday, March 15, 2010

Politically Incorrect?

I try very hard to keep my political opinions to myself. I really do. I know I'm a bit "preachy" at times, probably more than a writer should be. But those who know me, know that I'm a little different "Christian." I'm certainly not a Christian in the traditional sense. Although I believe in the basic fundamentals of scripture, I also believe God takes each of us in a different direction. We're not all the same in our goals, our ideals, and yes ... even in our politics. I don't think God wants us to all be the same, think the same, act the same.

My parents, for example, tend to "parrot" their favorite TV preacher. They also parrot the news, believing if they heard it on Fox News, it must be true. Well, I excuse them most of the time because they're getting up there in age. I'm not sure my mother has ever thought for herself. Bless her heart.

I've been embarrassed by the actions, words, and deeds of so many Christians, famous and otherwise, I hesitate to call myself one. I've said this before, but a personal relationship with Christ, is just that. Personal. I realize God does not contradict himself, but I don't feel for a minute that He tells us all to walk the same path. Otherwise, we would not have been blessed with different talents!

So what am I getting at?

I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, I really don't. I think good, bad, and ugly exists in both parties. In every city and state. In all walks of life. In all races. In every church, school, boardroom, and university. I've seen the ugly side of those who call themselves Democrats and those who call themselves Republicans. Living in a free society, I have voted for candidates on both sides. Do I ever take a stand on anything political? Sure I do. But I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of every reform bill before Congress. I'm not going to parrot another person's opinion.

But what I do know is that in just one of our major cities, there are 90,000 homeless people. 90,000! When I brought this fact up to someone recently, they said (and I quote) "Yeah, and those people crowd our emergency rooms, costing us millions of dollars because they can't pay!"

I was speechless.

And ... so ... what do you propose they do? Stand outside and die?

I certainly can't solve this healthcare problem, I wouldn't know where to start. But it's statements like that make me want to cry. I can't imagine turning my back on a person in need. I know church groups go into missions and soup kitchens, volunteering their time to feed the poor. These good folks stand for hours to dish out food to the hungry. But I wonder what you think when you spoon food onto a ragged man's plate? Would you be willing to touch his life by taking the time to talk with him one-on-one? Go to where he lives or sleeps, and minister to him on his turf? Be his friend? It's an admirable thing, volunteering your time. I don't discount that. But what is your real motive? Just to say you've done it? Or because your heart cries out to help?

Homogenized Christians worship every Sunday in the comfort of their big, clean, churches. They shout hallelujah with the rest of the families around them who are all pretty much of the same class, the same educations, the same race. (What did I hear recently, that 90% of our churches are still segregated?) These good church-goers hand out their testimony like candy to those who resemble themselves. They boldly testify to their fellow church-goers who nod their head and agree with them. You can say what you want about the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons but at least they are out there pounding the pavement for their beliefs.

Are you? (I'll bet hundreds of reasons why you can't just flew through your brain. Yeah, me too.)

Again, what's my point?

Until we are willing to go out into the highways and the hedges, and really put our money where our mouth is ... we have no right to tell others what needs to be done or how to do it.

I don't know how President Obama is going to solve, or even attempt to solve all of our problems. But I can tell you one thing - I'm going to pray for him. Instead of stepping on top of my soapbox - I'm going to pray for him. I wonder how many Christians in this country actually pray for him and mean it?

Instead of wagging my tongue, parroting what I hear on the news - I'm going to pray for him. I do believe it is our obligation to pray for every President ... whether we agree with him or not. I believe that is one thing God would have us all do, every day - without fail. Pray for our President. You may not like him, you may not have voted for him, but sometimes I just want to scream ... JUST SHUT UP AND PRAY FOR HIM! If anybody in this country needs it, deserves it - HE DOES!

Do I pray for him? Yes. And I prayed for George Bush, too. When it comes to praying for our President, we have to put the politics aside.

Don't parrot another person's opinion just because it sounds good. Don't stand in judgment over your fellow man because they're not like you. Don't think God belongs just to people like you. Lift somebody's heart today. Show love when it's not expected. And pray for your President.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Amen Sister! -- Jackie