Monday, November 02, 2009

A New Adventure

Gone are my hardwood floors, my large front and back porches, my arbors, and my gardens. My new front porch is a good size for a little house. I have a nice deck out back, but there’s linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms and I’m back to wall-to-wall carpet.

Gone is my country view on all four sides. My new neighborhood is full of well-maintained little houses and lawns, but there are lots of dogs and kids and basketball hoops.

Gone are my big spare bedrooms. My new house has one spare room with a queen-size bed that has to share its space with Mike’s desk. The smallest bedroom is my new office.

Gone is the three-car Morton barn building, the three-compartment out-building, and the potting shed. My new house has a utility shed in the back yard and a single-car garage.

Gone is Michael's weekly three-hour two-acre mowing, now he’s looking at a half hour … maybe … to cut the sweet little back and front yard.

Gone is my five-minute commute to work. Thirty minutes might get me there on time … at least for now.

Gone are my spacious bathrooms. I think I can turn around in both new bathrooms. I think.

Gone is my pantry, my laundry room. Now they are one in the same.

Gone are the six fireplaces, old wood mantels, and unique wooden walls and ceilings. My new house has one wood-burning fireplace and beautiful stonework, but the walls are drywall, the ceilings – popcorn. But clean. Clean is good, right?

Gone is my country kitchen. Hello range that needs replaced, and pink Formica countertops.

But halleluiah, also GONE is the monster mortgage payment. Ginormous heating bills. Stressing over the economy. Time to make changes, sacrifices, and move forward. To a new dream. A new adventure, as my sister put it. A move back to Ohio in five years, to be near our children, grandchildren, and to build a new house. A new house that’s every bit as beautiful as the Farmhouse. Our current temporary, smaller, cheaper house is part of making that dream come true.

I’m grateful for it.

A Southern Fried Woman moving north? Yep. You heard it here first. At some point in the next few years, this southern woman will head north. The “South,” however, never leaves you. It remains in your heart no matter where you hang your hat. For me, as I grow older, what’s more important than my geographical location … is my family.

And that’s all I need to say.

Blessings to you and yours.


Dena said...

I love that you're facing this as an adventure. I know how much you loved the Farmhouse but I also know you're up to the challenge of making ANY abode "yours" and adorable. (Pink formica countertops? Bring it on!) You and Michael have a great marriage, great family, great talents, and friends who love you. All is well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My Minnesota Magnolia Southern Book Group has chosen your “Southern Fried Women” as our December selection. We are a loosely knit/knotted group of women from all over the south. We meet monthly, beginning our meeting with “social” before we get down to business then of course we are off to lunch. Our group can be small or large depending upon responsibilities that encroach upon the 2nd Saturday of the month. You know...children, soccer, grandchildren, celebrations, whatever. The beauty of our little or large group is …we don’t care if you read the book…this is a terrible thing to admit to an author. Sorry for the blunt rudeness.
But…Honey, I just read your blog. I don’t ever “blog” but I wanted to reach out.
I hope you are settled in your new home. Home is where people understand you. I hope you have found a comfortable place and are surrounded by caring and sharing. As a Southern woman who has lived in 10 states (and the Ohio tour twice) I can attest to the fact that there are days that break your heart. Sometimes we go where we need to be which doesn’t necessarily connect with where we want to be. And then there are days of Great Adventure and great joy. I hope you have found this. Enjoy your journey and celebrate your holiday season.

And I will read your book. Thank you.