Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another Busy Week

Another week has flown by. I took a few days to visit Mama and Daddy in Atlanta. Both in their 70s, neither one is feeling especially chipper these days. Mike and I took a wheelchair down so Daddy could push Mama around the mall or park or wherever they choose to go. Mama is going to be getting some surgery in the near future, so we thought ... hey ... sometimes you gotta take time to be with the folks.

And they have a new puppy. We walked in the front door and this little ball of white fluff and big black eyes greets us. Daddy named him "Duke." Now I can see a Labrador Retriever or a Boxer named Duke, but this little fella looks more like a "Snowball" than a "Duke." At least to me. But what fun. Their cat, Molly, only tolerates him. But the puppy takes a good romp after her every time she shows her face, scaring the jeepers out of the cat.

We took a side trip to a museum in downtown Atlanta to see the Annie Leibovitz photography exhibit. In a word ... magnificent. Her photographs make you think. They conjure up images of your own history as she lets you see hers ... up close and personal. I love her work. Michael, being the photographer he is, pointed out that most of her work is in black and white. Her pictures tell a story. They're quite amazing. If you ever get the chance to go see her work, do it.

Had dinner with my sister and her family Friday night. What a clan! My nephew, Sam, was in town. A junior in college, he flew in from Louisiana. We had a ball. A nice respite from my nose to the grindstone for weeks. A chance to kick back and drink margaritas and laugh. Dinner was out on their veranda; we watched the sun go down and talked until late. A few antique stores and some Mexican food later, Michael and I headed home. Being only four short hours from my folks makes it a nice visit.

So, as usual, I arrive home and realize there's just so much to do. I won't go on about it. It's no use whining and having a pity party. I mean, only the most important thing I've ever done in my life is going to be mailed out this week. No need to panic. Right?

It's going to be a busy week. I'm scheduled to speak in Charlotte this week, as well as get ready for the NSA conference this weekend. Who knows what the new season will bring. Hopefully, cooler weather. Autumn is my favorite season. It's always been good to me. Let's hope it continues.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Dena said...

I love Duke!!!!