Monday, November 06, 2006

The Music of Southern Fried Women

Well, we certainly weren't Dolly and Porter. Or Tammy and George. Or even Johnny and June. But we did entertain the folks yesterday at the Mother/Daughter Tea at Heritage Greens. A beautiful Senior Living Center, the annual Fall Tea PACKED the room.

Walking in, Michael carried his guitar and announced, "Band's Here!" Which, was true. One guitar. I made Mike promise not to slip into any Smoke on the Water during our performance. Reluctantly, he agreed. With his rock and roll background, I'm sure it's an itch he'd love to scratch someday. But, like Elvis, that old gospel bluegrass runs in his veins, as well.

If you'll remember, Southern Fried Women was put to music last month by Rose Lindsay Pfaff, an accomplished pianist from Greensboro. Since then, I've been asked for repeat performances. Miss Rose, however, cannot accompany me to all these places ... and so, my accomplished guitarist husband has added one more duty to his long list as we travel around the country.

The guitar is an instrument lending a beautiful sound and backdrop for Southern Fried Women. Many of the old gospel tunes originated on the guitar. Frantic, Michael practiced last week until his fingers were sore. But oh, how the ladies loved him!

"So soothing!"

"Keep the guitar, no piano needed!"

"I knew every song he played!"

"Has he been on TV?"

We're not sure he's ready for the Grand Ole' Opry just yet, but the performance will be repeated in the future, I'm sure. In fact, I was surprised he even sang with me in a few spots. My eyes got big hearing his pretty baritone voice! I could've stopped right then and kissed him! It was perfect. He had worked so hard ... and it paid off. Because we sold a bunch of books afterward!

The Music of Southern Fried Women is not new. It's old material ... most of it has been around for decades. But, like an old pair of shoes that's comfortable and won't wear out, this music will continue to be around forever. We've just put into a whole new light, that's all.

Blessings to you and yours.


Dena said...

Sign me up as a groupie! Just for fun, I think at your next event I will hide in the back and yell out "Freebird!" during a pause. (Having me for a friend does indeed have its downside).

Performance sounds wonderful. You and Michael are a great team!

Linda Wagoner said...

Hey! When can I buy the CD? Sounds wonderful. I love reading your blog and following along on your travels. Not to mention the fact that I have purchased 3 copies of Southern Fried Women. One for myself and the others for special gifts. Can't wait for your next book!!!
Blessings back at ya,
Linda Wagoner
Burlington, NC

Pamela King Cable said...

Thanks, Linda! We're working on a contract for a CD! Hopefully, we can find the time to "get her done!" Thanks also for returning to my blog and for being such a fan of SFW! I remember who you are and I'm very grateful! Look for TELEVENGE next year! God bless and stay tuned for the CD in the future!