Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Post

Ah yes, it’s December. If there’s anybody out there who has been diligent in reading my blog, despite my once-a-month effort, I pour out my heartfelt thanks to you.

No excuses now, but a whole lot of new stuff is happening, and if you’re patient just a little longer … my blogging will be current almost daily.

A special shout-out to the Minnesota Magnolia Southern Book Club! Because of you dear ladies, I have resurrected HOPE … Southern Fried Women is still out there, and among some circles has become a cult classic! I’m thrilled. And honored. I’d be most happy to speak to your group when you’re ready!

Although this Christmas is probably the most simple and uncomplicated Christmas I’ve ever experienced, my heart is in full bloom. Michael and I are about to step into a new chapter of our lives, and for me this includes writing/publishing/promoting on a major scale.

The new house is cozy, warm, and we’re loving it. It has become home, which is shocking to us after leaving the farmhouse. But we feel confident in our direction and know that God is watching out for us. Life is good, not perfect, but whose is? Eh? Still, I’m excited and ready to blast forward into this New Year.

I see great and awesome things ahead.

To anyone out there reading this, a Blessed Christmas to you and yours -- and a prosperous New Year.

Thanks, y'all ... for reading.